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Horrific child abuse at Vietnam orphanage caught on camera
By Thanh Nien News -

Horrific child abuse at Vietnam orphanage caught on camera

WARNING: Video below contains images (starting at 0:37) some may find graphic and upsetting. Viewer discretion advised. 
A video of a woman abusing a child at an orphanage is causing an uproar in Vietnam’s Bac Lieu Town and has triggered a police investigation.
The video showed the woman held the toddler upside down in her left arm and spanked him repeatedly with her right hand. The child seemed unable to cry.
The video may have been filmed around noon, with a dozen other children seen lying on the floor apparently for a nap.
It was reportedly posted on Facebook before a prosecutor of Bac Lieu saw it and informed the police on Jan. 31.
The woman in the video was identified as Pham Thanh Thuy, a caretaker of Vinh Phuoc An Tu Orphanage of Bac Lieu, according to the police.
The toddler was 2-year-old Lam Thien Vinh, the police said.
Questioned by the police, Thuy, 34, said she was never trained in child care.
She was working at the orphanage without contract, she said.
She said the boy, who is 2, is “very active and stubborn.”
About the video, Thuy said she got furious when Vinh had a bowel movement in the wrong place, so she spanked him before taking him to the bathroom.
Phap Luat newspaper quoted Huynh Duc, a Vietnamese American philanthropist who used to visit the orphanage frequently between 2013 and early 2014, as saying that he had seen caretakers slapping the children.
Some other donors and visitors to the facility also told the newspaper they had seen caretakers beating and swearing at the orphans.
A report from the province’s social affairs department showed that the orphanage, which is taking care of 60 children, do not meet food safety and personal hygiene standards.
The facility fails to meet lighting requirements and does not have separate rooms for male and female teenagers.