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Ho Chi Minh City to move 5 biggest polluters far from residential areas
By Thanh Nien News -

Ho Chi Minh City has been struggling to tackle air pollution. Photo: Khanh Hoan Ho Chi Minh City has been struggling to tackle air pollution. Photo: Khanh Hoan

Ho Chi Minh City is planning to relocate five companies for causing serious pollution and order seven others to conduct an environmental cleanup in order to continue their business.
A Wednesday statement from the city’s environment department said the companies have been discharging a dangerously large amount of waste and gas emissions.
Nguyen Thi Thanh My, deputy director of the department, said without giving names that its surveys found 464 businesses in the city are causing pollution, and 12 of them at “serious” level.
The number of “serious” polluters is down from 39 last year.
My said the city plans to move five of them away from residential areas while the rest can stay but have to clean up their acts.
Details of the relocation have not been revealed.
She said high speed of urbanization and the use of outdated technologies have led to pollution.
Ho Chi Minh City in July also demanded two highly polluting factories, Ha Tien Cement Company in Thu Duc District and the Bio-Chemical Fertilizer and Materials Company in Cu Chi to move out of the city by the end of the year. 
The city, which posted an average economic growth of 8 percent during the 2011-2015 period, set seven major goals for itself to reduce pollution and improve waste treatment during the period.
But the government in September admitted that it has only finished minor tasks, which are maintaining waste treatment systems at factories and promoting good environmental practices to its residents.
The city has failed to deal with more serious problems, including a lack of waste treatment facilities for most residential areas and a high level of air and noise pollution.