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Ho Chi Minh City rescuers work all night at blast site
By Thanh Nien Staff - Thanh Nien News -


A blast flattened a fertilizer factory and seven neighboring houses in Ho Chi Minh City on Friday afternoon, forcing rescuers to spend the night searching for trapped victims. Three factory workers have been described as victims of the blast--though only one body has been recovered.

A rescuer eats a "banh mi" during a short break in the all-night effort.

Back to the search.

Ho Chi Minh City rescuers line up awaiting assignments in a sweep of the area at 2am on October 18, 2014.

Rescuers climb onto roofs near the blast to search for victims and remains. 


Windows shattered near the blast. Similar damage was reported 100 meters away from the scene of the accident. 


Curious residents gathered to watch the rescue effort on the night of October 17, 2014

A broken facade is all that remains of the factory .


The search continued on the morning of October 18 as rescuers searched through barrels and bottles of unknown chemical substances.





Rescuers had to check many houses for damage, victims as well as possible leads in their investigation into the cause of the blast.