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HCMC fells another tree for concrete advance
By Thanh Nien News -
The felling of old trees to make way for urban development has continued to take its toll on Ton Duc Thang Street in Ho Chi Minh City with the fourth tree getting the ax Thursday.
Workers from the HCMC Tree and Park Company trimmed branches before sawing down a tree of more than 12 meters tall and around 70 centimeters in diameter in front of Ba Son Shipyard, Tuoi Tre (Youth) newspaper reported.
The tree is the fourth felled on the street in two months, to give space to the country’s first metro line and the Thu Thiem 2 Bridge between districts 1 and 2.
District 2 is already connected to the city downtown by the Saigon River Tunnel and Thu Thiem 1 Bridge that runs to Binh Thanh District.
But the city has decided they should have another connection at the expense of Ton Duc Thang, considered one of the most beautiful boulevards in Vietnam’s southern metropolis thanks to its massive canopy of trees.
The HCMC Department of Transport licensed the logging.
The first two trees were felled on the street on November 11.
HCMC plans to clear 84 mahogany trees -- some of which are estimated to be a century old -- from the downtown street.
The plan has stricken many city dwellers with nostalgia and misgivings -- particularly since the city already cut the green heart out of District 1 in July to make way for the metro line. The last trees on Nguyen Hue, which is slated to become a pedestrian promenade, were chopped down in October.

A worker cuts a branch off a tree on Ton Duc Thang Street, Ho Chi Minh City before chopping down the whole tree on December 25, 2014.

Workers gather logs of branches from the tree before falling the whole tree. 



There century-old trees on Ton Duc Thang Street will soon be replaced by concrete pillars. 

 Photo credit: Tuoi Tre