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Hanoi’s $70mln pipeline break leaves 70,000 homes waterless
By Le Quan - Thanh Nien News -

A file photo of repair works on a 47-kilometer pipeline that brings water from the Da River Water Factory in the northern province of Hoa Binh to six districts in Hanoi

More than 70,000 families in Hanoi were left without water due to yet another water main break caused by a rupture of a VND1.5-trillion (US$70.3 million) pipeline - the 10th time over the past three years.
Speaking to Thanh Nien, Nguyen Van Ton, director general of Water Corporation Vinaconex, which manages the pipeline, confirmed the pipeline rupture but refused to clarify why it happened.
He said a team of workers were sent to fix the break. The pipeline is expected to resume its operation tonight, Ton said.
The 47-kilometer pipeline began bringing clean water from the Da River Water Factory in the neighboring province of Hoa Binh to the families in six Hanoi districts in 2008.
It broke for the first time in February 2012; six incidents were reported last year alone.
Vinaconex previously blamed the breakdowns on people’s demand that soared up in summer. But, it also once admitted that the ruptures were caused by low quality construction materials.
In July last year the Ministry of Public Security’s police launched an investigation into the company for its responsibility in the incidents.
Another investigation into the bidding process believed to have led to the shoddy construction work was also started by the government inspectorate the same time.
However, none of the agencies have so far reported any findings.
In the meantime Hanoi authorities ordered Vinaconex to build another 10 kilometer pipeline to help divert water from the troubled pipeline.