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Hanoi 10th graders sentenced for fatal assault

Five tenth-graders and a teenage accomplice were sentenced to between seven and 11 years in Hanoi on Friday, for killing a fellow student, VnExpress reported Sunday.

Nguyen Tien Dat of Co Loa High School was beaten to death last May by a group of students that had been recruited by classmate Tran Van Minh to exact revenge, following an argument.

Minh had asked his cousin, Nguyen Huu Ngoc, 17, to help him teach Dat a lesson, according to the Hanoi People's Court.

Ngoc then recruited Le Ngoc Lam, Nguyen Huy Tien, Tran Cao Cuong and another student named Tuan, to join in the revenge. With the exception of Ngoc, all of the assailants were 16 year-old classmates of the victim.

They waited at the school gate on the last day of school. Prosecutors from the Hanoi People's Court alleged that each student took turns beating Dat.

The six defendents claimed they were coming to the school to watch the musical performance, not to wait to attack Dat.

Minh got 11 years, Ngoc 10 years, Tien and Cuong each 9 years and Lam and Tuan 7 years each.