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French man sells toys on Hanoi streets
By Thanh Nien News/VIetNamNet -
David Cohen is apparently the only western street vendor in Hanoi’s Old Quarter. And he's doing well. 
The 43-year-old French man has been in Vietnam for seven years. He is living with his Vietnamese wife and their 2-year-old son in the city, selling souvenirs and toys for a living.
What’s drawn many Vietnamese customers to him is that he is very friendly, often smiling ear to ear.
It also doesn't hurt that he speaks Vietnamese, though not very fluently. 

He greets two boys as they leave school, managing to make them smile. 

An eager girl customer 

He tries to sell a Minnie plastic fan to another girl. 

A little boy play with some toys. He lets customers try the toys without buying. 

Some parents are also interested in a foreign street vendor trying to advertise his wares in Vietnamese. 

He displays most of the toys right on his old Suzuki. 

The toys sell for VND50,000, around US$2, each.

Cohen explains how a toy works to a customer. 

 He waves his plastic fan for a scrap collector passing by. He said one thing he loves about Vietnam is “the women are beautiful.”

 Cohen poses with the wooden dolls made by himself.

 He packs up and leaves for his next gig at a night market after all the students are gone.

Cohen at a Hanoi’s night market in the Old Quarter. He says he has been doing different jobs in Vietnam, from being a cook, designer and photographer and now a vendor. He is making around VND1 million (US$46) a day. He sleeps only two or three hours a day. 

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