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Four arrested smuggling drug to Vietnam from Laos
By Thanh Nien News -

Three Laotians arrested for allegedly smuggling six kilograms of heroin into Vietnam the night of May 10

Four Laotians suspected of smuggling more than 11 kilograms of heroin across the border into Vietnam have been handed over to Lao authorities for further investigation.
They were arrested in two separate cases last week, the result of a joint effort by Vietnamese and Lao police.
Three suspected were arrested on May 10 at a village bordering Vietnam’s Nghe An Province when police found nearly six kilograms of heroin and 2,000 ecstasy pills in their car.
Another was caught the previous night near in that area with 5.3 kilograms of heroin, 170 ecstasy pills, 10 grams of opium, two rifles and a safe that the police cannot open yet.