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Four arrested for pickpocketing foreign tourists in Hue

Police in the central city of Hue on Thursday arrested two homeless women and two boys for pickpocketing foreign tourists in popular tourist sites, online newspaper Dan Tri reported.

Nguyen Thi Loc, 25, Ho Thi Kim Lien, 22, Tran Van Hieu, 15, and Nguyen Doan, 13, usually posed as vendors to sell postcards and souvenirs to foreign tourists to pickpocket them.

On November 18, Doan pickpocketed 600 euros from the pocket of Juan Hercent, a French tourist, after approaching him to sell postcards on Chu Van An Street.

After Hercent reported the incident to local police, the police arrived at the scene and arrested Doan and his fellow pickpocketers.


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The group confessed to police they had committed several robberies before.

Police have given the money back to the French tourist.

Investigations are ongoing.