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Foreigners help clean up Vietnam beach after shocking photo
By Thanh Nien News -
Foreigners collect trash from a beach in Mui Ne, a beloved destination among tourists, on Thursday afternoon, after Russian tourist Oksana Pavlova posted an appeal on Facebook, with a photo showing how dirty it looked. Photos: Elena Kukina/VnExpress
The beach has almost turned into a garbage dump. 
A man pulls a sack buried deep in the sand. 
 Pavlova (R) joins other foreigners to collect trash along the beach near a local market.
 Most work with only a pair of gloves.
 A woman poses with the trash. The cleanup team includes people from France, Russia and the UK.
A local lends the team a truck, which has carried tons of trash away from the beach. 
A man pulls a heavy bag of trash. 
One of several Vietnamese joining the cleanup. 
 The job continues on Friday afternoon.
Trash fills up a beach in Mui Ne as captured in a photo on Oksana Pavlova's Facebook page.