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Facebook fight challenge between 2 women brings chaos to Saigon street
By Dam Huy - Duc Tien - Thanh Nien News -
People gather on Ho Chi Minh City's Nguyen Hue Street on Monday after two girls challenged each other to a fight on Facebook. Photo: Nghi Nguyen
Hundreds of young people who follow the two Facebookers flock to the street. Photo: Duc Tien
 The incident draws a large crowd. Photo: Duc Tien
 Security forces have to divide these followers into small groups before ordering them to disperse.
 The street is temporarily blocked as police control the incident. Photo: Duc Tien
 The incident causes gridlock on nearby streets.
Nguyen Hue Street in downtown Ho Chi Minh City was temporarily blocked on Monday evening as police tried to control a chaotic scene caused by two young women planning to battle it out in public.
At least 16 people have been arrested, according to lieutenant colonel Le Duc Thuan of Ben Nghe Ward police.
Earlier, conflicts had emerged between Doan Thanh Thuy Vy and Vo Huynh Thanh Van, two 18-year-old Facebookers with tens of thousands of followers.
Van from HCMC's neighboring province of Binh Duong allegedly made "irritating comments" after Vy, who lives in HCMC's Tan Phu District, posted on Facebook that she had her head shaved.
It escalated quickly and they challenged each other to a fight on Nguyen Hue, prompting hundreds of their followers on Facebook to flock to the street at around 8 p.m. 
Vy and her Facebook followers allegedly gathered in a large group, shouted and asking Van to show up. 
Local police arrived before they were able to face and fight her. 
The unusual incident attracted a lot of curious pedestrians and caused severe traffic gridlock that spread to several nearby streets.
Both Van and Vy were taken to a police station. The others were arrested after gathering outside the station and loudly demanding the police to release the two women. 
Barriers on Nguyen Hue were removed soon after the arrests were made and the crowd dispersed. 
On Tuesday, police in District 1 announced that they have issued fines of VND750,000 (US$34.4) each against Vy, Van and three others for causing a public nuisance. 
Thuan said these people are young and the fine was actually a rebuke: "We took them to the police station to deter similar violations."
Situated in Ho Chi Minh City’s center, Nguyen Hue Street has been transformed into a walking street, the only of its kind in the city.