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Ex prison guard jailed in shooting death of superior officer
By Nguyen Phuc - Thanh Nien News -

Le Van Hung is escorted out of the courthouse after his trial Le Van Hung is escorted out of the courthouse after his trial

A court in central Vietnam on Friday sentenced a former prison officer to 10 years' imprisonment for shooting his superior officer to death due to conflict at work. 
Le Van Hung, 35, was found guilty of murder and illegal use of a military weapon, according to the People's Court of Quang Tri Province.
Hung was a police senior lieutenant at Nghia An Prison's Section 2 in Quang Tri when he shot and killed Major Tran Duc Hung, the section's vice director, on Aug. 23, 2015.
According to the court documents, in that afternoon, Van Hung was monitoring inmates at the prison's farm when Major Duc Hung came and started to insult him. They had had a work-related conflict before that, and both had drunk some alcohol during lunch, Van Hung told the court.
After some heated arguments, Van Hung pointed his handgun at Duc Hung and fired one shot but missed. Major Duc Hung jumped at him and tried to wrestle his gun away, but was knocked down to the ground.
Van Hung fired another shot, which hit Duc Hung in the neck. He then fired the third shot in the major's head at point-black range, which killed him immediately.
He fled the scene, but voluntarily turned himself into the local police later.
Besides Van Dung's incarceration, the court also ruled that he would have to pay VND130 million in compensation for the victim's family, and pay VND1 million in monthly allowance for each of the victim’s two children until they reach the age of 16.