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Drug user arrested for allegedly killing parents in northern Vietnam
By Van Dong - Thanh Nien News -

The crime scene at Do Duc Manh Hung's house in Nam Dinh Province. Photo: Van Dong The crime scene at Do Duc Manh Hung's house in Nam Dinh Province. Photo: Van Dong

Nam Dinh police have arrested a 26-year-old man accused of killing his parents on September 11 under methamphetamine influence in a murder that shocked neighbors who said the suspect used to be filial.
The case happened at around 10:30 p.m. when neighbors heard arguments and loud noises at the house of Do Duc Manh Hung on Nguyen Binh Street in the northern province.
After that, they saw Hung climbed up to the house's iron gate to go out while holding two knives walking around the neighborhood.
After knocking at his house but getting no answer, they called the police.
Nam Dinh police later came and seized Hung and the knives, before breaking in his house and found Hung’s parents, Do Duc Thang, 71, and Nguyen Thi Do, 62, lying dead with multiple wounds.
It is possible that Hung used methamphetamine and committed the crime under the influence, police said.
Locals said Thang was paralyzed 6 years ago in a stroke.
Hung is married and has a three year old son.They live with Hung's parents.
But the wife and the son were not at home when the crime happened.
Neighbors said Hung had some quarrels with his wife several days ago when he beat and forced her to leave the house. So she and her son moved to her parents' house.
“Sometimes, Hung worked as a bus driver assistant and has no stable job,” a neighbor said.
Pham Thi Tuyet, a neighbor, said that many people are surprised to learn about the incident because Hung is a filial son.
“He treated his parent well and I have never heard him arguing with his parents even once during more than 10 years living near their house,” she said.
By yesterday evening the police could not question Hung as the man was still under drug influence. He just said many times that he feared of “crows and snakes.”
Police are investigating the case.
Do Duc Manh Hung, 26, was accused of killing his parents under drug influence. Photos: Van Dong
 A knife police seized from Hung.
 The house where Do Duc Manh Hung lives with his parents in Nam Dinh Province.
 A fence was broken by the police to enter the house in the night of September 11, 2015.
 Many neighbors were shocked to learn that Hung is the suspect.