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Deaf, speech-impaired youth arrested for allegedly killing 11-year-old girl
By Le Tan - Thanh Nien News -
Police in the northern city of Hai Phong announced Saturday they arrested an 18-year-old deaf and speech-impaired boy for allegedly killing an 11-year-old girl over a personal conflict.
They said Bui Viet Cuong of Tien Lang District told them, through a sign language teacher, that on May 13 the girl, identified only as N., threw sand in his eyes and the two began to fight.
The next evening he went to the girl’s house when her parents were not at home. N. tried to shoo him away. Cuong got mad, picked up a brick and repeatedly hit her on the head with it.
After the girl died, he dragged her body from inside the house to the backyard, took off her trousers to clean up blood stains on his hands, and discarded the garment 200 meters away from the house.
The police said they searched 200 houses in the area and summoned more than 30 people for questioning before singling out Cuong as the main suspect.
They denied that the girl had been raped before being murdered.
They asked a teacher who taught Cuong at a local school for hearing-impaired students to assist in the interrogation.
Cuong and his parents cooperated fully, they said.
The investigation is continuing.