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Da Nang airport staff fined for near-collision
By Thanh Nien News -

Da Nang airport staff fined for near-collision

The Civil Aviation Authority of Vietnam (CAAV) has fined three officers at Da Nang International Airport for the near-collision of two airplanes on the airport's runway last month.
The CAAV levied the fines following a two-week investigation into the incident, during which an air traffic control intern instructed a Jetstar Pacific airplane to taxi out to a runway where a Vietnam Airlines plane had just landed.
The incident occurred around 8:45pm on June 27 when Truong Nguyen Quynh Anh, the intern, took over the runways.
Twelve seconds after Anh made the instruction for the Jetstar Pacific to take off, the Vietnam Airlines’ pilot informed the air traffic control station that his plane was still on the runway.
Anh realized her mistake and cancelled the take-off order for the Jetstar Pacific airplane.
According to the CAAV, Phan Nho Quang, the chief of the air traffic control team working on June 27, was fined VND45 million (US$2,140) for assigning Anh to take over the runways.
Quang’s license was also revoked.
The chief and deputy chief of Danang Airport’s Approach Control Office were also fined VND15 million ($714) and VND7.5 million, respectively, for “violating air traffic control regulations.”
The CAAV fined the Middle Region Air Traffic Services Company VND30 million ($1,400) on the same charge.
The company’s director was also suspended for 15 days.
The CAAV said Anh won't be licensed for another year after the incident, saying she must be trained further.