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Chinese supervisor not to be charged for sticking worker's palms with glue

Vietnamese police said Thursday they would not press criminal charges against a Chinese supervisor who stuck a Vietnamese worker's palms together with industrial glue since the offence was not serious enough.

A Vuong of the Hong Fu Vietnam Footwear Company based in the Hoang Long Industrial Zone in the central province of Thanh Hoa would not be charged with "deliberately causing bodily harm" to Le Thi Phuong.

The incident took place on November 26 when Vuong forced Phuong to pour 502 Super Glue from a tube on her palms and press them together.

He had earlier yelled at another woman worker after seeing her use a banned but faster-working glue on shoes she had sneaked in, and almost poured glue on her hands, but she evaded him.

When Phuong came and took charge of the shift, he vented his anger on her.


After her palms were stuck, Phuong cried until she passed out.

She was admitted to a hospital where doctors separated her hands.

The other workers were outraged and went on strike that afternoon.

The company management suspended Vuong and said last Thursday it is considering terminating his contract.