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Blind lottery ticket seller falls into manhole in downtown Ho Chi Minh City
By Ngoc Tho - Thanh Nien News -

 The manhole which a blind man fell into downtown Ho Chi Minh City on April 8. Photo: Ngoc Tho

A blind man selling lottery tickets fell down an uncovered manhole in Ho Chi Minh City on Wednesday when he was walking on a pedestrians-only street soon to be opened. 
Nguyen Van Thanh, 33, survived the accident on the sidewalk of Nguyen Hue Street with multiple injuries to his limbs and head, but none of them were life-threatening, doctors said.

Nguyen Van Thanh, 33, at a local hospital after being rescued from the three-meter deep manhole. Photo credit: Dan Viet
Witnesses said they heard someone calling for help from the hole, which is more than three meters deep, and when they looked down, they saw the man groping his way along a ladder.
A group of workers nearby got him out of there and brought him to a local hospital.
Initial information is that some workers had removed the hole’s cover to dredge mud out of the sewer. Since it was full of water, they decided not to cover it and wait until the water dropped. 
Thanh said the accident happened around noon when he was walking with his cane.
He said he has been selling lottery tickets in the area for nearly 20 years.
The contractor in charge of the construction paid for his medical expenses. Passers-by reportedly bought all of his 60 lottery tickets, which got completely wet in the accident.
With the length of 670 meters and width of 64 meters, Nguyen Hue is going under a major facelift before being opened to public as the city’s first-ever pedestrian street at the end of this month.