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Beached dolphin rescued in Vietnam beach town
By Nguyen Long - Thanh Nien News -
A dolphin was found stranded near a Vung Tau beach on Thursday. Photo: Nguyen Long 
A dolphin found stranded on a beach of the resort town of Vung Tau was rescued and released back into the sea by local residents on Thursday.
Tran Thi Nhang, who lives in a house facing the beach, said that she saw something drifting near the shore at 7 a.m.
The dolphin was released back to sea after four hours of rest. Photo: Nguyen Long.
She said she thought somebody was drowning and shouted for help. Some of her family members rushed to the shoreline and found the dolphin, which is about 1.5 meter (5ft) long and weighed about 60 kg.
At first, they attempted to get the dolphin back into deeper water, but the current kept washing it back ashore.
As it looked weak, they decided to take it to a snail farming pond nearby.
After four hours, the dolphin recovered and was released back to the sea by Nhang’s family.
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