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Animal rights group rescues dog muzzled, horrifically injured by duct tape
By Nguyen Minh - Thanh Nien News -
A photo of a dog tightly muzzled with duct tape in the southern province of Ben Tre. 
An animal charity from Ho Chi Minh City last night rescued and treated a dog in Ben Tre Province whose mouth has been pared to the bone after someone clamped it tightly shut with duct tape.
Dien Nguyen, the photographer who had discovered the injured emaciated dog in a residential area, said the animal was so frightened of people that it fled whenever someone approached it.
Witnesses said since it could not open its mouth to eat it survived on liquid leftover food on the street.
Dien and a group of animal rescuers called “Gia dinh cua be” (“Baby’s family) went to the location twice and searched in vain for the dog.
A local later found the injured animal and called the group who then returned with a veterinarian.
When veterinarian Hoang Nhon cut the duct tape, what used to be the dog’s mouth was nothing more than a chunk of white bone without any flesh or skin, and there was some bleeding.
The dog, which has been given the name Lucky, was brought to a shelter in Ho Chi Minh City, where it would receive further treatment, the rescuers said.
A veterinarian performing treatment on the dog. 
 After the treatment, the dog is brought to a pet shelter in Ho Chi Minh City