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Accountant arrested for stealing Fatherland Front fund

Police in southern Vietnam have arrested an accountant of a local office of the Vietnam Fatherland Front, the country's largest public organization, for allegedly embezzling over VND5.7 billion (nearly US$272,600) meant for flood victims.

Vietnam's 2012 annual income per capita is around $1,555.

According to investigators, since 2010 Huynh Nguyen Que Tram, 32, has been misappropriating money from the fund raised for flood victims, Agent Orange victims, and poor families by forging documents and the signature of the agency's chairman.

The Vietnam Fatherland Front complained to the police about the loss of its money kept in the provincial treasury, and they took in Tram on May 20 and searched her workplace and house for evidence.

They are investigating further.

The Vietnam Fatherland Front is known as an umbrella group of the country's public organizations and is aimed to promote the national unity and the intimate connection between the Vietnamese government, the Communist Party and the people.