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4-year-old boy bitten by crocodile at family farm
By Thanh Nien News -
Doctors in southern Vietnam on Tuesday said a four-year-old boy attacked by a crocodile in the weekend is stable after two days of treatment. 
The boy, Tran Khanh Tai, was admitted to a children's hospital in Ca Mau Province on Sunday afternoon with severe bite wounds on his right arm. 
The boy reportedly played near a crocodile cage in his family-run farm while his uncle was cleaning the cage. He tried to pick up a water hose and got attacked by one of the crocodiles. 
His uncle managed to pull him out and the family rushed him to hospital. 
 Tran Khanh Tai, 4, after a surgical procedure at a hospital in Ca Mau Province. Photo provided by the hospital. 
Earlier in January, another four-year-old boy in the same province was mauled by a dog and was rushed into the hospital with severe injuries on his face. The dog reportedly attacked the boy after he tried to play with her newborn.
“Children are very active, so parents should keep an eye on them to prevent such accidents,” said doctor Le Van Khen of the Ca Mau hospital.