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4 Chinese arrested for shaman scam in Vietnam
By Dam Huy - Thanh Nien News -

Four Chinese suspects shown in a photo supplied by the police Four Chinese suspects shown in a photo supplied by the police

Ho Chi Minh City police have arrested four Chinese nationals for scamming a woman in Ho Chi Minh City who was seeking medical treatment. 
Zhang Huamei, 47, Guan Zao, 46, Ke Qinying, 52, and Xie Yuqiong, 44, were arrested on June 25 under fraud charges.
Earlier that day, Huamei went to Phung Hung Market in District 5 where she met a 62-year-old woman of Chinese heritage, identified only as N.
Huamei pretended to ask N if she knew any shaman in the area who could treat illnesses. 
N. said she did not know any but would also love to find one. 
Two other people in the group, Yuqiong and Qinying, approached her and said they had just overheard the conversation. They offered to introduce her to a shaman who they claimed could cast magic spells on jewelry to cure all diseases.  
N. later brought money, gold and jewelry to meet the group near Thuan Kieu Plaza.
They asked her to put all the valuables in a bag for the spell. Soon after that they allegedly swapped the bag with a similar one. 
Police, who had been following the group out of suspicion, arrested them immediately after they left the site. 
Checking their hotel room in District 11, police also seized about VND600 million (US$27,000). 
The Chinese suspects said Chau, a Vietnamese man, was the mastermind. Police are searching for this man.