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28 Vietnamese women saved from forced prostitution in Malaysia
By Thanh Nien News -
Police in Malaysia have rescued 28 Vietnamese women among 34 foreigners they said were enslaved and forced to do sex work at brothels in Kuala Lumpur.
The women, from Vietnam, Thailand and the Philippines, were rescued during human trafficking raids this week.
Nine of the Vietnamese rescued on Tuesday were all in their 20s and carrying passports with valid visitor visas. 
Little information is available regarding the 19 others, who were rescued on Monday.
Investigation found the women were promised good and well-paid jobs in Malaysia but later forced to work at brothels.
“Interviews with the women reveal that they were forced to entertain up to 16 clients daily, each paying RM140 (US$40) for sexual services,” a police officer said, cited by The Rakyat Post.
Police also seized some cash and condoms, and arrested two pimps and three clients for investigation.
On January 3, Malaysia police also saved 136 Vietnamese women from a prostitution raid in the capital city.
They were among 184 foreign women suspected to be tricked to Malaysia with lucrative job promises.