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122-year-old Vietnamese named oldest woman in the world
By Thanh Nien News -

Nguyen Thi Tru poses with her youngest son, who is 72 years old. Photo: Vietkings.
Nguyen Thi Tru in Ho Chi Minh City has been verified as the oldest woman in the world, the World Records Association announced earlier this week.
The Hong Kong-based association added that they will visit the 122-year-old Vietnamese in June to grant her the certification. 
Tru, residing in the outskirts of the city, was born in 1893.
Vietkings, the Vietnam Book of Records, earlier confirmed that she is the oldest woman in the country.
Tru, a living witness of many events through three centuries, shared that her simple secret of longevity is unselfishness.
Her favorite meal includes rice porridge with pork, milk and a soft dessert.
According to her family, she has never been hospitalized with any severe illness before.
The world’s oldest woman verified earlier by WRA, Japan’s Misao Okawa, passed away in April 1.