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108 Vietnamese caught entering China illegally for factory jobs
By Thanh Nien News -
Police in China will deport 108 Vietnamese after they were caught crossing the border to find factory jobs with the help of smugglers.
China Youth Daily reported Wednesday that police raided the human smuggling ring run by nine Chinese early this month after receiving a tip-off.
The report said the gang received the illegal immigrants from a Vietnamese woman and was transferring them to factories in Guangdong, which had paid commissions for the cheap laborers.
Each illegal immigrant had to pay a fee of up to 1,000 yuan (US$154) to the smugglers, who would arrange transport and look out for them at highway toll areas and petrol stations, it said.
A 40-year-old Vietnamese man said, as cited in the report, that he paid the fee after learning that a tile factory in Guangdong was going to pay workers 3,000 yuan a month, three times what he could earn for the same job in Vietnam.
He said he traveled for ten hours by bus to the China border and then switched through three other vehicles before arriving at a transit warehouse, where the smugglers gathered illegal immigrants.
Police in China have sent 930 Vietnamese illegal immigrants to Guangxi border for deportation this year, according to the report.