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Fishers accuse Chinese boats of damaging nets in Vietnam waters
By Phuoc Trung - Thanh Nien News -

The damaged fishing nets of Quang Tri fishers. Photo: Nguyen Phuc The damaged fishing nets of Quang Tri fishers. Photo: Nguyen Phuc

Fishers in the central province of Quang Tri have accused Chinese boats of illegally fishing in Vietnamese waters and damaging their fishing nets.
Border officers at Cua Viet Port in Quang Tri’s Gio Linh District said Tuesday they had received exhibits of the case – damaged fishing nets from four boats with 32 crew members in total.
According to the fishers, on January 3, they were casting nets around 20 nautical miles from Con Co Island when 10 Chinese fishing boats approached their vessels.
Although the fishers signaled for the Chinese boats to stop, one Chinese boat dropped an anchor and dragged it along to damage the Vietnamese boats' nets. The other nine Chinese boats surrounded the first boat, ready to help.
The anchor that a Chinese fishing boat used to damage fishing nets of Vietnamese crews
The Chinese boat damaged 12 fishing nets worth around VND100 million (US$4,460), according to the fishers.
After the fishers called the Border Guard for help, a vessel of the Vietnam Coast Guard arrived at the scene.
All the Chinese boats fled, leaving behind an anchor that was stuck in the fishing nets.
Quang Tri authorities are still investigating.