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China’s illegal construction in Vietnam’s East Sea reef
By Mai Thanh Hai - Thanh Nien News -

Gac Mar (Johnson South Reef) Gac Mar (Johnson South Reef)

Gac Ma (Johnson South) is a reef in the Truong Sa (Spratly) Islands claimed by Vietnam. China has illegally occupied the reef since 1988 after an unequal battle during which 64 Vietnamese soldiers were killed, many of them unarmed.
In 1989 China built an embankment on the reef and has since 2014 carried out reclamation work to expand the usable surface area to 11 hectares.
China has built a military and radar base, a lighthouse and a small harbor on the newly-claimed area.
Vietnam has repeatedly opposed China’s reclamation and construction works on Gac Ma as well as other reefs it is occupying in Truong Sa.
Such works are a “serious violation of Vietnam’s sovereignty,” and “complicates the situation and escalates tension,” according to the Vietnamese foreign ministry.
The central building on Gac Ma Reef. 
 The 50-meter lighthouse on Gac Ma Reef
 Radar equipment on the reef
Sand pile possibly for further construction on the reef 
 Guns deployed on roofs on Gac Ma Reef
 Guns deployed on roofs on Gac Ma Reef
Chinese guided missile frigate 545 patrols near Gac Ma Reef