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Vietnam hospital pays $6,000 to boy who had leg amputation after misdiagnosis
By Tran Thanh Phong - Thanh Nien News -
A hospital in southern Vietnam has paid a family VND130 million (US$5,960) after the father complained that its failure to detect an blood clot forced his son to have an amputation.
Truong Van That, the father, said officials from Bac Lieu General Hospital has visited his house to apologize for their mistake and offered to pay for a prosthetic leg for his 8-year-old son. 
The 8-year-old boy in Bac Lieu Province with one leg amputated after doctors failed to diagnose gangrene following a traffic accident. Photo: Tran Thanh Phong.
The father filed his complaint to the Ministry of Health after his son lost his leg in February.
He said he took his child to the hospital following a traffic accident that caused his right leg to break above the knee.
The hospital, the top medical center in Bac Lieu Province, admitted that its doctors failed to detect an arterial clot in the boy’s broken leg, leading to the amputation.
Doctors there reportedly kept him for days, even after the injured leg became swollen and numb, causing him to have high fevers and hallucinations.
The family had to take him to Ho Chi Minh City, where two hospitals diagnosed gangrene due to the clot.
Cho Ray, a leading surgical hospital in the city, performed the amputation, leaving just half of his thigh.