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Teenager dies following extreme juice diet
By Thanh Nien News -
An 18-year old girl in Vietnam died Tuesday when she was undertaking a "12-day detox diet," during which she consumed only sugared water, to lose weight.
The cause of the death was not clear as her family refused a post-mortem examination on her.
Doctors at Thanh Nhan Hospital in Hanoi said the girl, whose name was not disclosed, was admitted to the hospital in the morning without vital signs.
According to her parent, she had not eaten anything and drunk only sugared water to lose weight, following a "12-day detox diet" treatment that has become popular among many young Vietnamese women in urban areas.
On Monday, seven days into her diet, she had lost 4 kilograms from her original 80-kg weight.
The parent said she did not respond when they tried to wake her up at 7 a.m. Tuesday.
She was rushed to hospital where emergency doctors were able to eventually resuscitate her but she remained in critical condition. The girl was declared brain dead in the afternoon.
The 12-day detox diet, which was promoted first by a qi gong expert, has become the most talked-about cleansing regimen among Vietnamese female netizens recently.
The claimed purpose of the diet, which is in fact a juice fast, is to detoxify the body. It consists of fresh water and pure lemon juice.