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Breakthrough in mitral regurgitation treatment brings new hope for Vietnamese patients
Thu Huong

MitraClip is the world's first percutaneous mitral valve repair therapy. MitraClip is the world's first percutaneous mitral valve repair therapy.

Vietnam National Heart Institute, Bach Mai Hospital was the first in Vietnam to use Abbott’s new minimally invasive treatment option called MitraClip.
Unresolvable concerns of patients for years
Being considered as one of five most common heart diseases in the world, mitral regurgitation (MR) is also known for certain risks & impacts caused during and after treatment. Taking an open heart surgery is also terrifying decision for many patients, especially when there has been no alternative for years.
For elderly patients, one of their biggest concerns whenever confronting MR open heart operation is the possibility of success. Even not having bad experience with previous surgery, many find themselves anxious in dealing with fear of operation. While others, though confident to get MR treatment, cannot take the treatment, as their health condition is not allowed.
The younger people, on the other hand, includes aesthetic factor in the decision not taking the surgery since it can lead to everlasting scar on the patient’s chest. This happens to patients undergoing mitral valve repair or replacement requires open-heart surgery under general anesthesia, and doctors have to make a 10-15 centimeters incision along the patients’ breastbone and then suture the bone with iron yarn after the surgery .
Another concern of MR patients is the limitation of treatment options, since medications for the condition are limited to symptom management and do not stop the progress of the disease. Finding a solution to all these issues, has been an ambition of professional in the field, for years.
New hope that sweeps away patients’ concerns
In September 2014, Hanoi-based Bach Mai Hospital became the first in Vietnam to offer people suffering from MR, a new minimally invasive treatment option called MitraClip, developed by Abbott. This first-in-class solution, obviously, is bringing a great brim of joy to both doctors and patients.
The MitraClip device is threaded through a catheter to the heart through blood vessel in the leg that allows doctors to treat MR inside a beating heart, thereby avoiding open-heart surgery. Therefore, it is important for people who are not good candidates for surgery due to issues such as poor general health and frailty. Patients undergo MitraClip treatment can recover after only three days and also benefit from shorter hospital stays.
Multiple trials, published reports, and registries of people treated with the MitraClip device consistently demonstrate a positive safety profile, reduction in mitral regurgitation, improvement in symptoms, and reduction in hospitalizations for heart failure, even in some of the most ill and debilitated people.

MitraClip clips together a portion of the leaflets of the mitral valve in order to reduce the backflow of blood.
“MitraClip is a revolutionary treatment for mitral regurgitation,” said Associate Professor, Dr. Do Doan Loi, head of the Vietnam National Heart Institute, Bach Mai Hospital. “With the MitraClip device we can now offer people who are suffering from the debilitating symptoms of severe mitral regurgitation a new treatment option which has been show to improve quality of life and can help many go from bed rest to a more active lifestyle shortly following treatment,” he added.
Meanwhile, Associate Professor, Dr. Pham Manh Hung, head of Interventional Cardiology Unit, Vietnam National Heart Institute, one of doctors involved in the first treatment, shared that the success in applying MitraClip in MR treatment has once again demonstrated the ability of Vietnam’s interventional cardiologists to access and conduct innovative and complicated techniques.
It also thanks to the contribution of the global healthcare company such as Abbott in bringing innovative devices and solutions to community in Vietnam. As Amit Mohan, Country Manager, Vascular, Abbott Vietnam said that the introduction of the MitraClip device in Vietnam is an important advancement for people with mitral regurgitation, giving them an opportunity for a better life without the suffering which can be associated with severe mitral regurgitation.
In 2012, Abbott Vascular introduced its first product in Vietnam - the Absorb™ Bioresorbable Vascular Scaffold, a revolutionary, dissolving heart device for people with coronary artery disease (CAD). As a first-of-its-kind device for the CAD treatment, Absorb works by restoring blood flow to the heart, but then dissolves into the body, leaving behind a treated vessel that may resume more natural function and movement because it is free of a permanent metallic stent.
For coming years, Abbott Vascular has put efforts to bring forward science-based cardiac and vascular therapies to help patient live better lives.