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Vietnam first port-of-call on ASEAN-Japan youth voyage

Vietnam's representatives from the south at the 39th SSEAYP (The Ship for Southeast Asian Youth Program) 2012

Vietnam will be the first port-of-call on the 39th SSEAYP (The Ship for Southeast Asian Youth Program) voyage to be hosted by Japan from Oct 23 to Dec 14.


From Yokohama, Japan, the Fuji Maru ship will bring 320 youth from Japan and 10 Southeast Asian countries to berth in Ho Chi Minh City's Saigon Port on November 9.


The participating youths (PYs) will join a three-day program, including home-stay, sightseeing, and institutional visits in 12 districts of the city.


The ship will leave the city on November 12 for Bangkok (Thailand), Singapore, (Jakarta) Indonesia, and Brunei before arriving in Tokyo as the last destination on December 14.


Before the send-off ceremony in Yokohama on November 2, the representatives will attend several activities in Tokyo and other localities of the host country, including the Japan-ASEAN Youth Leaders Summit (Oct 28-30), cultural exhibitions and home-stays with local families.


The activities will be held in all countries.


The PYs will discuss various issues, including young leadership, education, international relations and the environment.


The 2012 Vietnam contingent will comprise 28 members aged 18 to 30 and a national leader.


They have been chosen from different localities in Vietnam and work in different fields. The team includes college students, journalists, aviation officials, TV anchors, policemen, teachers, and government officials.


Before arriving Japan on Oct 23, the Vietnam PYs will join a two-week (Oct 7-23) training workshop in Hanoi.


Vietnam has joined the program since 1995. So far the ship had visited the country 12 times (docking 11 times in Ho Chi Minh City, and once in the central city of Da Nang).


SSEAYP, first held in 1974, aims to promote friendship and mutual understanding among the youths of the 11 countries, to broaden their perspectives on the world, and strengthen the spirit of international cooperation.