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Teacher livens up ancient physics experiment with Korean music
By Le Ai - Thanh Nien News -
A teacher in the central province of Quang Nam has become an online star among teenage students for his video of a physics demonstration accompanied by a hit Korean song.
Phan Cong Thanh is filmed while demonstrating what is really an outdated physics apparatus, the Ruben’s tube, which shows an acoustic standing wave in a tube.
But it has become a hit thanks to the music he chose to perform, the electronic dance music from the Korean hit film “Descendant of the Sun”, several viewers said.
“How much the video was loved proves that we should have new ways to attract the attention of our students to science,” Thanh told Thanh Nien.
The video has got tens of thousands of shares and likes within a few days.
Invented by German physicist Heinrich Rubens in 1905, the apparatus graphically shows the relationship between sound waves and sound pressure, like a primitive oscilloscope.
An overview of the Rubens' tube, according to Wikipedia.