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Southeast Asian kids use more phones, tablets than US kids: survey
By Thanh Nien News -
Children aged six to 14 in Southeast Asia are much more active in mobile usage than US kids, according to a new report by SuperAwesome, the UK-headquartered 'kid safe' digital marketing platform that enables brands to put their wares in front of children.
The survey interviewed 1,800 kids across key ASEAN markets: Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand and Vietnam.
The results show 87 percent of kids in the region use smartphones, with more than half owning one.
Meanwhile, less than 30 percent of American kids in the same age bracket own a smartphone and 47 percent have their own tablet.
Southeast Asian kids’ smartphone use is being driven by the popularity of mobile gaming, with about 70 percent of them playing mobile games in their spare time, compared to 56 percent in the US.
Eight out of 10 of the most-used apps for Southeast Asian kids are games, while US kids favor social content apps, according to the report.
For Southeast Asian kids, the mobile device is the core way to consume media. Smartphone usage is rapidly catching up to TV viewing in the market, and mobile gaming is the third most-popular activity for kids in their spare time, only slightly behind TV viewing. Of kids who watch TV regularly, a quarter use a smartphone at the same time.