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Nothing's impossible: Vietnamese teen boy does it all without arms
By Thanh Nien News/Zing News -

Ho Huu Hanh, 16, in Ho Chi Minh City's neighbor province of Dong Nai, was born without arms. His mother said her family was very sad at his birth while neighbors boycotted him as a “monster.” But since he turned 3, he started to make his legs come in to help.

Hanh writes quite well with his foot. His father said he had to knock different doors to get him into a primary school as teachers were doubtful about his ability to catch up with other children.

Hanh said it took him months to practice the basic strokes. “My handwriting from the first grade was ugly and hard to read. But in the second grade, I received an award at school for my handwriting.”

Hanh uses chopsticks during a family meal with fried fish and pickles. He has trained his legs with more difficult tasks as he grew up and now he can do anything like a person with arms. He also helps his parents with cooking and washing clothes and dishes.

And buttoning his shirt. His mother said Hanh loves trying himself with challenges. When he was 5, he started learning to ride a bicycle with his chin and to swim at the age of 5. “He had to visit hospital many times after crashing. But he kept trying again,” the mother said.

Hanh is not only able to peel a fruit. He said his legs are strong enough to chop down small dead trees.

He also makes clay decorations with his feet. “Most of the things I’ve made are plants,” he said.

His toes also work well with a TV remote controller.

Or a cell phone keyboard. “I want to become an electronics engineer,” he said.

Hanh’s sister lets him comb her hair.

Hanh is now a ninth grader and he has earned all high scores.

Hanh helps water his family’s mushroom field.

Hanh holds a bronze medal he won during a Dong Nai Province's swimming competition in 2010.

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