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'Monstrous animal' caught in northern Vietnam takes social media by storm
By Thanh Nien News -
Thousands of Facebookers have spread pictures of a giant amphibian which a man claimed to have captured at a pond near his house in northern Vietnam.
The animal, believed to be a rare giant salamander, has been unfairly named a "monster" by many on social media.
A few Facebookers called it a dinosaur. 
Tung Nguyen, a Facebook user in the northern province of Vinh Phuc, started posting two photos of the four-legged animal on Monday, saying that he just caught it.
It is around one meter long and is similar to members of the giant salamander family Cryptobranchidae that can be found in Japan and China. 
The fate of the amphibian is not known, since Tung Nguyen has not answered questions if he let the salamander return to nature. 
Most of the commenters urged him to release it, while some showed worries for it.
“Look at the tray and the chopping-board, we could easily know the ending of its fate,” said a Facebook user in a comment, implying that it might have been eaten. 

A rare animal is seen in a photo posted on the timeline of a Facebook user.



A Japanese giant salamander, which is similar to the animal captured in northern Vietnam recently.