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Mekong swimmer meets with Ho Chi Minh city students
By Hoang Quyen - Thanh Nien News -
Rémi Camus, 29, speaks to students at Nguyen Binh Khiem primary school Monday about his journey through the Mekong River to raise awareness on safe drinking water. The French man apologizes for his casual outfit as his legs still hurt with injuries and rashes from the swim.
The children are all ear. They study English at school.
The students line up to ask questions, like why he did what he did and what did he do when he was too hungry in the middle of a swim.



The school gifts him a basket of banana, which he said is his favorite food in Vietnam.
Rémi Camus meets with the students in a classroom.




Rémi Camus, who just finished his Mekong River swim to raise awareness on safe drinking water, joined a meeting with students at a Ho Chi Minh City primary school Monday.
The 29-year-old French man was the guest at the weekly Monday school gathering at Nguyen Binh Khiem Primary School in District 1, which discussed the topic of clean water protection.
He arrived in Vietnam earlier this month to finish his 4,400 kilometers journey on a riverboard from Tibet from October, with sponsorship from about 15 people back in France.
He shared with the students his concern on waste dumping into the river, which would leave downstream countries like Vietnam to bear a heavy burden, and affect the global environment as the river is linked to the ocean.
The obsession about safe drinking water came from his previous marathon run in Australia, to raise awareness on the rare Lowe syndrome that affects one’s eyes, brain and kidneys. He had to drink his own urine when passing deserted area.
He told the students that they are lucky as many children he met along the way do not have clean water to drink, a toilet to use and are not sent to school.
He promised to come back to Vietnam in a year to follow up his clean water cause.

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