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7-ton whale buried in central Vietnam

Fishermen in the central province of Ninh Thuan buried the corpse of a seven-ton whale, on Sunday.

Tran Minh Vu of Hai Chu fishing village found the floating carcass  while fishing off the coast of Ca Na Commune, early that same day.

He managed to tow the dead whale ashore for burial.

The 10-meter long whale was buried near Lang Ong (Whales' Temple) in the Hai Chu village under traditional rituals by locals, who worship whales as deities.


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They believe whales bring fishermen good luck at sea.

The locals said they will exhume the whale's bones and re-bury them in the Whales' Temple, three years later.

Worshippers currently visit the temple to pay tribute to a number of beached whale skeletons.