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Incessant honking

I have made many extended trips to Vietnam over the last 20 years and am always amazed by the constant horn honking as well as the erratic and unpredictable driving behavior. The complete disregard of any "rules of the road" is stunning and always leaves me asking the same question: Don't people have to pass a test to get a driver's license? If rules were followed, it would eliminate about 90 percent of the need to honk one's horn and traffic safety would be hugely improved.

Bill Vornbrock

It seems that the Vietnamese cannot drive without the horn. Truck horns are so loud that they can cause damage to eardrums, especially those of children and old people. It is a very selfish way to drive around. Many times I have seen people driving the wrong way down a street while constantly honking their horn. That is another law they are breaking. It seems Vietnamese people just accept it as a way of life, until something happens to them personally. Motorbikes are designed to seat two people but I have seen six on a bike. I personally hate it when I am hooted at while walking along the sidewalk by a motorbike wanting me to move out of the way. The drivers don't see anything wrong but it's offensive and against the law. Vietnam needs more traffic police and the police need to be trained to understand the traffic.


The problem starts with early childhood education. Parents don't teach children proper manners and as grown ups they continue to act like wild jungle monkeys. It is time for the society to change the "whatever goes" behavior and become civilized human beings. A few TV programs on civil manners would do the job just fine. Uncivilized behavior stunts tourism, economic growth and the international perception of a beautiful Vietnam.