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Vietnam looks to streamline import export

Vietnamese and US officials and businessmen Wednesday met to outline priority legal reforms to help implement the Vietnam National Single Window for customs clearance.

A single window allows traders to electronically submit forms for export, import, and transit procedures only once, and they are processed and cleared by multiple government agencies in a single, integrated process.

The meeting was supported by the US government in partnership with Vietnam Customs and the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) Secretariat. 

The US Agency for International Development's Regional Development Mission for Asia sponsored the research on the Vietnam National Single Window (VNSW) policy, which was implemented to streamline cargo clearance and enhance trade efficiency by 2012.

The study was commissioned as part of an ASEAN effort to streamline trade.

According to the World Bank Doing Business survey, it takes four to five days to import and export in Singapore, a country with an established single window. Now in Vietnam, it takes an average of 21 days to import and 22 to export.

"We strongly believe that a single window for more efficient customs clearance will pay significant dividends in increasing Vietnam's global competitiveness," said Nguyen Manh Tung, director of Vietnam Customs Modernization Board.