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Thaco leads Vietnam’s automobile market in 2014
By Thanh Nien News -

Thaco leads Vietnam’s automobile market in 2014

The stable growth of Kia, the rise of Mazda, the return of the legendary Peugeot and the steady growth of truck lines brought Thaco to the top of Vietnam’s automobile market in 2014, with more than 42,000 vehicles sold.
Thaco is the only company in Vietnam that assembles and produces all three kinds of automobiles: cars, trucks and buses with 16 to 46 percent of the work made with domestic resources.
The company provides a wide range of quality products at reasonable prices.
With continuous efforts, the company gained various successes and thrived to the top of Vietnam’s automobile market in 2014 with a record sale of 42,338 vehicles, or 32 percent of Vietnam Automobile Manufacturers’ Association. It is an impressive figure for a business of less than ten years experience and which only joined the car market segment eight years ago.
Thaco’s sale of products for commercial purpose, including trucks, buses and other special vehicles, grew steadily by 41 percent from 2013 to 21,589.
The sector has shifted from heavy trucks to middle-size ones and container trucks. Best sellers in the sector are those of South Korean origins, such as Frontier, Ollin, HD34/65/72, and passenger buses including sleeper ones.
Among the car sector, Thaco distributes, produces and assembles three major brands – Kia, Mazda and Peugeot, of which Kia remains the most successful brand with 11,211 cars sold in 2014, up 26 percent from the previous year.
Kia has become a popular option thanks to fashionable design, modern and convenient interiors and reasonable prices. New product lines such as New Sorento, K3, and Rondo Product have played an important part in Kia’s growth, as much as lines that have been familiar to Vietnamese customers for years such as Carens and Morning. They are the “New Technology – New Status” products which have been set as the company’s strategic products at the present.
Mazda enjoyed a spectacular breakthrough with 9,438 cars sold in 2014, more than twice of the previous year. Mazda 6, CX-5, BT-50 and All-New Mazda 3 were the products contributing to the success of the brand. The products are selected for luxury design, being safe and saving fuel.
“KODO – Soul of Motion” design direction has shaped the dynamic style and premium presence for Mazda brand while Skyactiv Technology covers all Mazda’s innovative next-generation base technologies.
The legendary Peugeot, a European brand, has also made a successful comeback to Vietnam with 100 cars sold. The brand, with convenient equipment and outstanding engines, is expected to grow fast in the future with seven showrooms in operation.
A practical business plan with a strong production base – a grand assembly and manufacture complex with 136 showrooms and distributors all across the country – has won Thaco a high place in the market.
From that base, Thaco has set to sell 51,500 vehicles including 26,800 cars and 24,700 trucks and buses in 2015, and hold its leading positions in the coming years.