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Vietnamese kids dress up for Halloween
By Pham Du - Thanh Nien News -
The Western tradition has become more popular in Vietnam in recent years

Halloween has become more popular in Vietnam in recent years, especially among teenagers and twenty-somethings. This year many young children have joined the celebration. 
 These days kids in costumes have crowded Hanoi's Hang Ma Street, where shops sell a variety of items such as costumes, masks, wigs and jack-o'-lanterns.
 With the accompany of their parents, children shop for accessories, or dance around, or pose for photos.
 A girl dresses up as a witch
 A two-year-old boy picks up a fake sword
 Witch costumes are apparently popular among Vietnamese kids. Some simply put on a cloak
 A foreign boy picks a sword from a local shop
 Some join street parties with just a mask.