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Vietjet crew looks back on fantastic year with peaceful temple visit
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A Brazilian VietJet pilot says his crew wishes to report the airline's achievements to heaven.
 Brazilian pilot Carlos Braganca and his Vietjet crew visit Hanoi’s pagoda Tran Quoc on the Kitchen Gods Day on Monday (February 1, 2016), ahead of the Tet Lunar New Year celebration. On this day Vietnamese families prepare offerings to send Kitchen Gods to heaven to report on their activities of the past year. Braganca said he is familiar with the legend of the Kitchen Gods.
 Thich Thanh Nha, the chief monk, joins the crew to release birds at the pagoda, a ritual Vietnamese people usually perform during traditional festivals to remind themselves to live with love and mercy.
The pilot and the monk release carps into a lake. Legend has it that the fish can transform into dragons to give Kitchen Gods a ride to meet the Jade Emperor.
"I’ve read about the Kitchen Gods ritual and I want to perform it with my crew as we wish to report to heaven our achievements of the past year,” the pilot said. He said they chose Tran Quoc because the pagoda is considered a national treasure of Vietnam. 
The crew say their prayers inside the pagoda. Braganca said he has been having a great time working and living in Vietnam. He has also tried to learn more about Buddhism, a popular religion in Vietnam, to lead a good life. 
The crew discuss Buddhism with the chief monk, who has flown with Vietjet many times. “I would feel very safe when flying with a person who cares about doing good things,” the monk told the pilot. 
The monk and the pilot said goodbye. “I feel very happy as I got to perform all the meaningful rituals as a pilot of an airline which has set its mission to offer flying opportunities to everyone,”  the pilot said.