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Million "Dola' baby?

Pop sensation Ho Ngoc Ha is back in the limelight after a two-month hiatus in which it was rumored she had become pregnant with the child of wealthy Saigon playboy Nguyen Quoc Cuong, dubbed Cuong "Dola" (Dollar) by the blogosphere.


Ha, 26, came out of what seemed like hiding this week for a fashion shoot in which she wore local designer Cong Tri's new line of white ladies wear. The rumor mill had begun turning two months ago when photos of an affectionate Ha and Cuong made headlines and the singer then disappeared from public view.

The most popular theory was that she was in the US with Cuong, waiting to give birth to his child, but her friends told the media this week she had been traveling and relaxing with her family after a stressful year of work in which she became the undisputed queen of Vietnamese pop.

Cuong "Dola," 28, known for flaunting cash and fancy Italian racecars, is the son of Gia Lai Province building materials tycoon Nguyen Thi Nhu Loan.

The papers have previously insinuated romantic links between Cuong and actress Tang Thanh Ha as well as singer Yen Trang.