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Ho Ngoc Ha confirms million "dola' baby

The rumors are true.

The undisputed queen of Vietnamese pop, Ho Ngoc Ha, is carrying the child of wealthy playboy Nguyen Quoc Cuong, also known as Cuong "Do la" (Dollar).

The buzz that had been circulating for months was all but confirmed when Ha showed up in public on April 3 with a protruding belly, probably six months pregnant after three months of silence and avoiding the media.

The rumor mill then came to a grinding halt on Wednesday when Ha announced to Thanh Nien that she was indeed pregnant with the million "˜dola' baby.

But talking didn't come easy.

Ho Ngoc Ha at an advertising event this month. It was her first public appearance in months and this photo revealing her protruding belly was the first direct evidence that she was pregnant

"Everywhere I looked there were embellished rumors, people casting doubt on my character, even downright lies," Ha said.

"I never wanted to talk to the press about Cuong. If my lover was not Cuong, there would have never been this kind of manhunt. But this is normal curiosity, and nobody knows the truth better than me. I've got a stable career and at the age of 26, I have the right enter a new chapter of my life."

But Ha got bitter when asked if the rumors were true that Cuong had bought her an expensive mansion abroad and other lavish gifts.

"People will surely buzz about that. But I haven't done anything wrong. Everybody who knows me will tell you how hardworking I've been so far.

"The most important thing for a newborn baby is having its parent's full love. That is enough."

Man in the picture

The-28-year-old Cuong "Do la" has become famous for jetting around town in Lamborghinis, Ferraris, Rolls Royce and Mercedes. Though he runs a few companies, like the property developer Quoc Cuong, word on the street is that most of his lavish lifestyle has been paid for since birth as he's the son of Gia Lai Province building materials tycoon Nguyen Thi Nhu Loan.

The nickname "Do la" was given to him when he was 11 by childhood friends who marveled at the way he spent copious amount of US dollars, not Vietnamese dong, on fun and games.

Bloggers and journalists have long been fascinated with the playboy, frequently linking him to female celebrities


He is said to have had romantic relations with actress Tang Thanh Ha, singer Yen Trang, model Minh Hang, Miss Universe Vietnam Thuy Lam and teen idol Duy Uyen.

But Ho Ngoc Ha seems to be the only one who's been able to hang on to the swinging rich kid for a long-term relationship.

She said, probably correctly, that nobody would believe her if she denied the rumors.

"People are ignoring my serious preparations for childbirth if they think a house or a car is why I'm pregnant. But the more wicked the rumor is, the more my lover appreciates me. He understands how much I have to suffer."

Ha said the baby is the result of ardent love and she does not care whether other people think it is the "right time" to have a child or not.

She said a wedding was not important to her and that the couple had no plans to marry.