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Hashtag #Vietnam: Tet is in the air
By Thanh Nien News -
Check out the vibrant colors of the country's most important holiday on Instagram

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A peach blossom garden in northern Vietnam draws buyers and photographers ahead of Tet.

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Candied coconut strips in the making. Candied fruits and vegetables are a popular snack of the holiday.

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A man delivers a kumquat tree to a customer in Hanoi. Ornamental trees are either bought or rented during the holiday and one can see many of them on the street during the week previous to Tet, which peaks February 8 this year.

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Apricot flowers, a Tet symbol in southern Vietnam, compared to peach blossoms in the north.
Lion dancers wait for a performance at a pagoda in Ho Chi Minh City. Tet is a busy time for lion dance troupes in Vietnam as their performance can hopefully ring in luck and prosperity. They do bring joy for sure.

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Live carps are popular around Vietnam's markets a week before Tet as people buy them to release them to give Kitchen Gods a ride to heaven to report on their activities during the year.

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This is how banh chung, the special Tet sticky rice cake, is made.

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A flower village in the Mekong Delta's Dong Thap Province. The villagers are main suppliers of Tet decorations in the southern region.

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Lunar New Year decorations.

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Incense smoke at a Vietnamese temple. It's a local tradition to visit temples to commemorate ancestors and pray for a good year during the Lunar New Year celebration.

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Hanoi workers arrange a decoration to celebrate the Lunar New Year. This year the monkey rules the zodiac, in a photo by Hoang Dinh Nam.