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Dong Son artifacts on display in Vietnam's capital
By Trinh Nguyen - Thanh Nien News -

The Hop Minh bronze jar from the Dong Son Civilization was found in Yen Bai Province. Photo: Ngoc Thang

Hoes excavated in the northern provinces of Lao Cai and Thanh Hoa. Photo: Ngoc Thang

Swords and knives found in Nghe An Province. Photo: Ngoc Thang

Spearheads found in Viet Khe, Hai Phong City. Photo: Ngoc Thang

Jewellery found in Nghe An and Thanh Hoa provinces. Photo: Ngoc Thang

Pottery found in Thanh Hoa Province. Photo: Ngoc Thang

Musical instruments found in Viet Khe, Hai Phong. Photo: Ngoc Thang

A shield found in Thanh Hoa Province. Photo: Ngoc Thang

Carvings of mating buffaloes on a Dong Son bronze drum. Photo: Ngoc Thang

Miniatures of people having sex on the Dao Thinh bronze jar. Photo: Ngoc Thang

Heart-shape ploughs found in Co Loa, Hanoi. Photo: Ngoc Thang

A bronze file found in Hai Phong City. Photo: Ngoc Thang

Axes from the Dong Son Civilization. Photo: Ngoc Thang

Jewellery found in Thanh Hoa Province. Photo: Trinh Nguyen

The Hanoi-based National Museum of History opened an exhibition of artifacts from Vietnam's Dong Son Civilization (1,000BC to 100AD) on Tuesday.
The show features the fruits of 90 years of archeological research and excavation that began with the discovery of a trove of artifacts in Dong Son Village in 1924.
The exhibited objects, including bronze drums, working tools and household goods, weapons, music instruments and jewelry, offer a deep insight into this ancient society that dates back more than 2,000 years.
The museum also displays objects it borrowed from the Hanoi Museum and provincial museums in Hung Yen, Lao Cai, Nghe An, Thanh Hoa and Yen Bai, to create a comprehensive picture of life in the Dong Son Culture.
Bui Van Liem, deputy director of the Institute of Archaeology, said that among the borrowed objects is the Hop Minh bronze jar unearthed in Yen Bai Province.
“Hop Minh is one of the largest jars with the most beautiful decorations of Dong Son Culture. It now serves as Yen Bai's provincial symbol,” he said.
Nguyen Van Cuong, director of the National Museum of History, said that many national treasures will be displayed during the exhibition, including the Hop Minh and Dao Thinh bronze jars and Viet Khe tomb boat which was employed during a sophisticated burial ceremony in ancient Vietnam.
“Burial is an important ritual in Dong Son Culture as people believe that each death marks the beginning of a new life in another world. As such, they buried the dead with their tools, weapons, musical instruments, jewellery, etc.” he said.
The exhibition will continue until April 2015 at the National Museum of History, 1 Trang Tien Street in Hanoi.